Cochlear Implants

Experiencing significant hearing loss and difficulty with your current hearing aids? A Cochlear Implant may be an option to consider.

The interdisciplinary audiology team at the Center for Audiology at Hackensack Meridian Health JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute understands how hearing loss impacts your quality of life.

Our goal is to provide the highest level of clinical expertise, using the most advanced technology, along with professional and caring treatment.

What is a Cochlear Implant?

A Cochlear Implant is a medical device that helps profoundly deaf individuals become aware of sounds around them. It is an electronic device that performs the functions of a patient’s damaged inner ear, known as the cochlea.

The Cochlear Implant consists of two components:

  • The internal part is implanted in the temporal bone behind the ear. It consists of an induction coil and electrode array that carries electric current to activate the auditory nerve. The result is “hearing”.
  • The external portion includes a microphone, a speech processor and an external coil placed over the internal induction coil to transmit signals to the implant.

Who can benefit from a Cochlear Implant?

  • Individuals with moderate to profound hearing loss
  • Individuals with moderate to profound hearing loss who are not satisfied with their hearing aid performance
  • Individuals whereby an appropriate fitting hearing aid cannot be obtained due to the severity of hearing loss

What type of testing is needed for a Cochlear Implant?

  • Audiological testing with and without hearing aids
  • Medical evaluation by a cochlear implant surgeon to determine medical candidacy
  • Other diagnostic tests to include imaging studies

After testing, what is the next step for a Cochlear Implant?

  • Surgical implant of the induction coil and electrode array by a board-certified otolaryngologist at a Hackensack Meridian Health hospital in New Jersey
  • Individualized programming (called “mapping”) of the speech processor with the external coil, done by an audiologist at JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute Center for Audiology in Edison, NJ
  • Follow-up mapping sessions with our audiologists
  • Ongoing support and education for optimum hearing success

What are the benefits of a Cochlear Implant?

Cochlear Implants have revolutionized the industry for individuals with moderate to profound hearing loss, allowing access to sound that was not previously possible. Recipients confirm an improved quality of life that can include talking on the phone, listening to music, better speech and language skills, and enhanced awareness of sounds, particularly in noisy settings.

General Information

At the JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute Center for Audiology, our otolaryngology surgeons, doctoral level audiologists, and highly trained speech language pathologists offer cutting-edge advancements in hearing treatment.

Patients require a prescription from their physician for a hearing evaluation. Most insurance plans cover hearing implants, unlike for hearing aids. For more information, please call the Center for Audiology at 732-321-7063.

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